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    Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion MUST be protected. Censorship from big Tech. and the mainstream media must not continue.
    The second amendment allows United States citizens to form a militia for protection against a tyrannical government or an invading army. Therefore, we should have access to the weapons we choose. Our founding fathers had it right when they wrote: “The Right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, SHALL NOT BE IMPAIRED…!”
    Our farmers and other business owners want and deserve a level playing field. Over regulation from the government is crippling our farms and businesses. We need and must provide foreign and domestic policies that encourage free market principles, to allow the hard work of farming and other businesses to be rewarded. Our food supply must flourish. Inheritance taxes, regulations, exorbitant minimum wage, mandatory agriculture overtime pay, excessive rules and mandates are placing an incredibly heavy burden on our farmers and business owners and must be balanced to encourage the prosperity of our farmers/business owners and their employees. When the farms do not prosper, the entire economy suffers.
    In a time of increasing inflation, looming interest rate hikes and a potential recession, we need to relieve all Washingtonian residents from undue economic burdens. We could start by suspending/repealing the Washington state gas tax ($0.494/gallon). Additionally, our social programs must be driven towards rehabilitation and restoration towards independence. Self-responsibility restores human dignity.
    Economic freedom is a strong determinant of economic growth. We must return to an economy that restores the opportunity for every American, who is willing to work for it, the "American Dream." This means establishing laws where Free Enterprise, Free Market, virtuous Capitalism and hard work will allow every US citizen the opportunity to experience positive growth and prosperity.
    I oppose Critical Race Theory (rebranded social and emotional learning), Comprehensive Sex education, mandatory vaccinations, and mandatory masks in our schools. I support the teaching of our nation’s truthful history, our Constitution, and functions of government operations. I support prayer in schools. I support technical education and increased exposure to agriculture. I also support all of our cultural programs that provide opportunities for our kids to learn teamwork, have fun, overcome adversity, and achieve a healthy sense of accomplishment. The tax money allocated to our children should follow the child to the parent’s/guardian’s preference of school.
    We need safe, secure, and transparent elections. We must: 1 – clean voter rolls 2 – Ban all electronic elections equipment 3 – require Voter ID w/ paper ballots 4 – Ban mail-in voting 5 – Ban early voting 6 – Create drastically smaller, more manageable precincts 7 – Ban ballot harvesting 8 – Make election day a holiday 9 – Create new reporting requirements for transparency 10 – Establish heavy prison sentences for all who commit fraud
    We cannot be dependent on foreign countries for our resources. I support “America First,” renewable hydro-electric power and natural gas as a reliable base load energy source. I support safe, reliable baseload nuclear energy, and clean coal technology. Wind and solar can be used to supplement our energy supply, but we should never depend on weather-dependent energy sources for our base load needs.
    Human flourishing and prosperity are the goal and we do need to preserve our environment to achieve these ends. Proper forest management would/will bring down lumber/construction costs and help to prevent catastrophic wildfires. The “Green New Deal” and similar policies preserve natural resources at the expense of destroying the world’s economy. We need solutions that preserve the environment, without sacrificing human prosperity. Sustainability is not simply environmental, but social and economic.
    America was founded and the Constitution written by our founding fathers to allow ALL our citizens the freedom to exercise their religion. It was built on the belief that we are “One Nation Under God.” My faith is grounded on the inerrancy of the Bible. In simple terms, I believe that Jesus Christ bore the wrath of God that we all deserve on the cross. He then rose from the dead to restore us into an eternal relationship with Him, if we accept His payment on our behalf. Forgiveness and a renewed relationship with God are the best gifts of all. I believe the nuclear family consists of one biological man, one biological woman, and their children. I believe we should be able to pray in our schools and live out our faith everyday.
    The possibility of a one world order threatens the sovereignty of America and every other nation. We cannot allow foreign entities to control America growth or prosperity. American prosperity requires an America First policy. Foreign trade must be balanced to protect American businesses and citizens first. A border wall is essential. Our borders must be preserved to deter illegal immigration, as well as human and drug trafficking.
    I believe government intrusion, regulation, and mandates have eroded our Constitutional Rights. “To secure the individual rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, Governments are instituted among Men.” - Declaration of Independence “…governments are established to protect and maintain individual rights.” - Washington State Constitution “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” - Constitution of the United States of America Our Constitution must be preserved to maintain our individual rights. Our individual rights are given by God, not the government.
    We have a rich heritage and history in our Hanford Nuclear Reservation. I support extended efforts to maintain our safety and future efforts to preserve valuable infrastructure for future investments and utilization of new research and technology. Thank you to all of you who preserve the Manhattan Project legacy, and to those who contribute to the Hanford Cleanup and Vitrification Plant.
    We must always have the ability to make our own health care decisions, including refusal of compliance to masks and vaccine mandates. Your health information is for you alone to control and does not belong to the government. The cost of health care should be managed in a Free Enterprise/Free Market manner with legislation that creates competition to lower health care costs. I support policies that reduce pharmaceutical costs.
    Our seniors are a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and love that must be protected. Legislative measures to ensure their future security and quality of life are vital for our country’s survival.
    I believe in reinstating trust to our law enforcement officers. The “Use of force” and “pursuit” laws have had a devastating effect on our safety. Homicide, overdose death, and car theft have dramatically increased, since these laws were enacted on July 25, 2021. We must restore power to our law enforcement entities to keep our citizens safe from crime. Laws must be enforced, order must be maintained, and criminals must be held accountable for their actions.
    National Defense, in all of its forms, is the most important function of government. Freedom must be defended. I support all military veterans and their survivors advocating for provision of medical, educational, and financial benefits, especially for disabled and retired veterans for the duration of their lives.
    Life begins at conception. The only exception to carrying a baby to full term would be to save the life of the mother, and that decision is not at the discretion of an institution. I will always be an advocate for the unborn and fight for their God given opportunity to life.
    No one cares more about your money and possessions than you. This is the basis of limited government. By human nature, we struggle to have the same regard for other people's money. We need to restore wealth to individuals. Washington residents are overtaxed. We can do much more with individual wealth than with 3rd party (government) management of your wealth.
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