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As America continues to endure increasing adversity, it has become even more important to fight and protect our country. The integrity of our law enforcement, our individual freedoms, the nuclear family, and the very fabric of our American culture and heritage, is under attack.

I’ve watched many of my neighbors be refused medical care, put on unpaid leave, or even fired from their jobs, due to standing up for their medical freedom. I watched crime continually and dramatically increase under the democratic majority’s leadership, while crippling law enforcement with their legislative policies. I watched families struggle to manage overwhelming burdens, due to the bad educational environment forced on our kids.


I became passionate about political leadership with the deterioration of our liberties and safety. There is nothing I’d rather be doing than farming, building up relationships with my wife and five kids, and teaching the love of God to anyone who wishes to know more about Him. However, those amazing responsibilities and freedoms are being increasingly tainted and corrupted by poor political leadership and I’m no longer satisfied with limited political involvement.

By serving Washington state, I will protect and defend our liberties. I will fight to bring back good principles, freedom, and law and order. I believe you should be able to choose your child’s educational environment, what goes into you and your family’s bodies, and live in a safe and protected community.

Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” -John Knox

This statement is put into action by understanding that loving our neighbor means fighting to protect and defend our neighbor’s liberty. That is why I feel led to run for this position.

I understand common sense, I know right and wrong, and I will honor God with my responsibilities as a public servant. 

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